See you at Cybher!

On Saturday I will be going to Cybher with my lovely friend Jo.  It will be my first blogging conference and I’m really looking forward to it.  This time last year I had only just started blogging.  I remember reading Merry‘s tweets and blog posts about Cybher, and thinking it sounded like fun.  In fact, it was reading Merry’s blog over several years that led to me starting to write mine.  I wanted to help and inspire people who were thinking of home educating, as I had been inspired by Merry, Jax and other home educators.  I didn’t know how much I would enjoy being part of the blogging community which is full of friendly supportive people, and it will be good to meet some of them in person.  If you are going and want to say hello beforehand (okay, I haven’t left much time for that I suppose) I’m on twitter @readlearngrow.  And do come and say hello on the day, especially if you have any questions about home education.  Or maybe don’t push that button.  Depends how much time you’ve got 😉

Cybher 2013

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