Saturday Snippets 31st August 2013

{playing} rounders

{laughing} at the chicken book

{enjoying} our local environmental fair


{exploring} Claremont Landscape Garden

{picking} carrots, beetroot, onions, cabbage, sweetcorn, blackberries and strawberries at Garson’s Farm

{eating} daddy’s homemade strawberry jam


{driving} to Wales

{feeling} tired

strawberry picking

{snapshots} Owl and Monkey have been talking non-stop to each other, and anyone who will listen, about Star Wars, and I have been trying to keep up but failing miserably.  Rabbit and Tiddler impressed me with their patience when picking the strawberries – they really stuck at it and helped us to get enough for the jam-making.

2 thoughts on “Saturday Snippets 31st August 2013

  1. Jo Clarke

    They did do well picking the strawberries didn’t they! How did the jam making go?

    Star Wars.. yep, I know the feeling (and I have watched the films and still got lost when the kids talk to me about it!)


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