Saturday Snippets 24th August 2013

{practising} origami, still at a rather basic level

{braving} Ikea

{making} a mess with oats again

{playing} in the woods

{organising} the dining room and making progress with the laundry room and sitting room

{hoovering} a lot of cobwebs

{creating} topic boxes

(releasing} butterflies

{exploring} Chastleton House and Garden

hammer and tap owl (a)

{snapshots} Owl has been reading as many books as he can find about World War I and World War II.  Monkey made a great picture of an owl with the Hammer and Tap set (one of the many  toys we have rediscovered since I have been decluttering.)  Rabbit has been making towers with Multilink Cubes which has led to some good addition and multiplication practice.  Tiddler has been playing with number tiles and can easily identify all his numbers now.

Linking to Jax again for some more Saturday Snippets.

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