Saturday Snippets 21st September 2013

{failing} to write this post before midnight, so this week the Snippets are brought to you by Sunday

{feeling} very tired and a little bit ill, but very relieved that a niggling health worry turned out to be nothing serious after all; and also very grateful to good friends who have helped me in many different ways this week

{recovering} from a very busy day which involved hair appointments, taking Rabbit to a birthday party, lunch at the Garden Centre with the boys and Granny, shopping for shoes and other assorted things and supper at Granny’s house

{realising} that I am too tired to write much else, though I’m sure I would have more to say if only I could engage my brain


{snapshots} Owl loved watching the woodturning demonstration at the Garden Centre, and has decided that he would like to learn to do it too.  Monkey has impressed me with his determination to save up ten pounds for a Lego Chima set which he bought today.  Rabbit decided to go as a king to her friend’s party – I like her style!  Tiddler has started Pre-School this week and would like everyone to know that he is a Very Big Boy – except when he is tired and wants to be carried.  In which case, “I not big, I a little boy now!”

I’m linking up with Jax again.  You can read her Snippets here.

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