Saturday Snippets 14th September 2013

{learning} about Nelson

{watching} the Railway Children

{picking} brambles

{playing} Monopoly

{returning} home after two weeks away

{trying} to face up to the realities of term-time and get organised

{wishing} we were still on holiday

{wondering} why my children are still awake at 11.30pm – Tiddler has just come in and said “I should be asleep by now but I want a cuddle!”  And then he said, “Mummy, you should be asleep by now…”  That would be nice 🙂

Monopoly 2


The big three have been writing books this week.  Owl’s is about Nelson, Monkey’s is a Lego Minifigure Activity Book and Rabbit’s is a story called “The Giant’s Pants.”  Owl said “I’m making a book but it’s just a prototype.  When I’ve written it I’m going to do it on the computer, then get it published, then put some copies in the British Library – well, at least one.”

Owl is still reading as many books as we can find about the World Wars.  Monkey read a whole chapter book (a Horrid Henry Early Reader) to me and Rabbit yesterday.  Rabbit is making good progress with learning to read, and is more confident about blending sounds now.   Tiddler is very keen to learn too – he can recognise lots of letters and loves to follow the text with his finger when I am reading to him.

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