Pregnancy Diary: 31 Weeks

Today I am 31 weeks and 6 days pregnant.

31 weeks

Baby is: the size of a head of lettuce (about 18 inches, and 3.2lbs.) I can feel that he’s getting pretty squashed in there now, because there are all sorts of interesting wriggling and rolling movements going on!

I am: still having trouble sleeping, and thinking I may need to start taking the sleeping pills most nights.  I was trying to alternate, but I’m struggling to keep going with so little sleep on the days in between, and it is still affecting my blood sugar levels in the morning.  It’s been a difficult week as my back has been quite bad again, and the combination of that and the painful Braxton Hicks contractions is quite overwhelming.  I suppose it’s a good sign though – the end is in sight!

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