Pregnancy Diary: 17 Weeks

Today I am 17 weeks and one day pregnant.

17 weeks

Baby is: the size of a turnip.  Long pause here while I wonder if that’s a Scottish turnip or an English one.  And google it.  Not sure I found the answer, but at least on the way round the internet I was reminded of this useful Scots word – must use it in conversation more.  Anyway I digress…  Baby is very active so I can feel the movements much more clearly, and even see my tummy moving quite often.

I am: still very tired, and not liking the heat – I think it is the reason I’m feeling more dizzy and faint again.  I’m starting to enjoy being pregnant though.  I love feeling (and seeing!) the baby move and it’s beginning to seem a bit more real.

I am getting a bit fed up about people making rude remarks about us having five children, but some people are lovely about it, and actually the “I wish I could have had more” comments are almost as frequent as the negative ones.  I spoke to a lady today who has two children, but wanted to have four or five.  She lost a baby when she was 40 and decided she couldn’t go through it again.  It’ s one of those brief conversations that really touched me and I will probably never forget it.  So today, despite all the minor reasons I am a bit stressed, most of all I am feeling very lucky.

4 thoughts on “Pregnancy Diary: 17 Weeks

  1. liveotherwise

    I’m loving these updates, even if I keep forgetting to comment. Very rude of people to comment on family size. I always thought I wanted only 3 children, but having miscarriages changed my mind, and if it wasn’t for the whole pregnancy thing, which I really don’t enjoy, I would very much consider just keeping going. Glad that you are starting to enjoy it.

    1. Hannah Post author

      Thanks Jax, comments much appreciated, and sorry I am rubbish at replying. It’s just bizarre that people think they have anything useful to say by making remarks about family size. As you say, there can be so many reasons, such as miscarriages and complications in pregnancy that might change your plans. Really it’s just so personal and pointless to comment on other people’s choices but some people find it hard to keep their opinions to themselves!

  2. Ghostwritermummy

    Yep I get the family size comments too. Mostly people assume we will just keep going and going when in fact we always wanted 4 all along and so that is (I think!) going to be it!! I’m so sorry you’re feeling bad again but you are looking fab and you are almost half way there . Be kind to yourself x x x x


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