Oliver Fibbs: Attack of the Alien Brain

We recently reviewed a picture book from Macmillan which all the children enjoyed, but it has taken us a bit longer to read and review the two chapter books which arrived at the same time.  Although Owl very quickly read both of them I really wanted to wait until I had finished reading them to all the big three before writing about them.  We have been enjoying sitting in the garden reading together whenever we could find the chance in the last couple of very busy weeks, and now that the summer holidays are here it has got much easier.  We have finished one and have started reading the second one together.  This review is about the first one, Oliver Fibbs: Attack of the Alien Brain by Steve Hartley.

Oliver Fibbs 1a

Oliver Fibbs is the nickname of Oliver Tibbs, a boy with an over-achieving family who can’t find the one thing that he is really good at.  All he wants to do is read his Agent Q comics which spark his vivid imagination.  At school, he never has anything interesting to share at Show and Tell so he makes up stories in which he is a superhero saving the world from the attack of the alien brains.

The children have written their own book reviews.  This is Rabbit’s.

What is the story about? A boy who tells stories.  Do you like this book? Yes. Why? I like the alien theme.

Oliver Fibbs 2a

This is Monkey’s.

What is the story about? A boy that likes comics and he is DAB which stands for dull and boring.  He changes it to Daring and Brave.  Do you like this book? Yes. Why? I like all of it because I like Agent Q comics.

Oliver Fibbs 4a

This is Owl’s.

What is the story about? A boy who makes up comic stories about him as a superhero at show and tell to make his life more exciting.  Do you like this book? Yes. Why? I like the comic stories and the text.  It has also inspired me to make a comic series about me as a superhero.  It’s called Superboy.

Oliver Fibbs 3a

I rather like Monkey and Owl’s drawings of Oliver!

Oliver Fibbs 5a


Oliver Fibbs 6a

We all liked the book a lot and we’re enjoying the second one as well.  We just hope there will be another Oliver Fibbs book out soon!

I was sent the books for free in exchange for this review.

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