Muddypaws’ New Friends

Rabbit loved this book from Parragon so much that she wanted to write the review herself!

muddypaws 2 two

Muddypaws’ New Friends, written by Steve Smallman and illustrated by Simon Mendez, Parragon Books, paperback, £5.99

I love the Muddypaws book because I like little puppies.  In the story, Ben and his puppy Muddypaws go to Puppy School.  Muddypaws makes some new friends and plays with them.  I like the bit where Muddypaws gets all wet in the puddle.  I like the boy because he is called Ben and I know someone else called Ben.  I like Muddypaws because he is a nice dog and he is fluffy.

muddypaws 1 one

Thank you to the lovely people at Parragon for sending us this book, we really enjoyed it!

We were sent the book free of charge for the purpose of this review.

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