Maths for Martians

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Today I read this book: Galaxy Getaway.  The theme is space, and the main character is called Zeno.  The main part of the story is Zeno travelling on a long space journey to meet her cyberpal, Zormella, in Myria City on planet Numis.  (A cyberpal is a bit like a space penpal.)  There are Maths puzzles throughout the book. My favourite puzzle is called Underground rescue.  You have to find the missing numbers to complete several sequences to open the door to a mine.  Then you have to find the missing number in this sum:

17 x ? =34

(You have to work out the answer yourself.  I am not going to tell you.)

I would give this book 10 out of 10.  If you want to read it, you can buy it here.

One thought on “Maths for Martians

  1. hharicot

    that looks an interesting book. i am following around from the new blogring, and hopefully saying hello to everyone [petits haricots]


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