How my children see me meme

I suppose it’s only fair that I should join in, having laughed at appreciated the others so much.  This meme was started here and I was tagged by Merry.  This is what happened when I asked my children to draw me.  First I asked Tiddler, but he said “No, you draw me!”  So that was that.  Well, he is only two.  Then I asked Rabbit, and she said “Can I draw daddy?”  I managed to persuade her to draw me in the end.  It was touch and go.  She started several attempts and threw them away, so I thought she was going to give up but in the end she drew this.  She even asked me what colour I would like my dress to be.  I think I could live with looking like that.

By Rabbit (aged 4)

Monkey and Owl took it very seriously and spent a long time observing me carefully.  Which meant Supergirl had to start cooking the supper without me in the end as it was getting rather late and every time I tried to move one of them shouted “Stand still!”  They both drew me in the clothes I was actually wearing, which were (as always) jeans and a hooded sweatshirt.  I was impressed by their attention to detail.  Monkey asked me to take off my patterned slippers (too difficult to draw) so he could draw my socks instead.  I did try to explain artistic license, but he wasn’t interested.

By Monkey (aged 6)

When I told Owl the title of the meme, he said “How I see you is with Tiddler clinging to you, which happens quite a lot.”  Poor boy.  It made me want to go and cuddle him, but I wasn’t allowed to move.

By Owl (aged 8)

I’m tagging The Adequate Parent.

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