Cybher 2013

Saturday was AMAZING.  Went to Cybher 2013 with Mum Friendly Jo.  Signed in and got a lovely (and very bright!) pink satchel.  Coffee in the exhibition area, and then to the ballroom for an introduction by Sian, and an inspiring keynote talk by Zoe Margolis encouraging women to make connections and support each other.  Met Jax who has inspired me so much over the last few years, as a home educator and as a blogger.

Cybher A

More coffee.  Lovely to see Monika again.  She is raising money for the Lullaby Trust by doing a sky dive in July.  Go and sponsor her.  I’ll wait….



Next, Jo and I both had a makeover.  Yes, really. Me with make-up on!  Here’s the proof.

Cybher B

Then off to a photography session with Mario Cacciottolo. The main thing I learnt was to think about where the light is and manipulate the subject, if possible, so that the light is on them.  I also took some photos of the session but they weren’t great.  The irony was not lost on me.  Sigh…

Lunch next and more time to talk with some of the other bloggers – so many fab people, so little time.

My highlight of the day was meeting Merry.  We have been friends for what feels like a very long time.  It was hard to believe we hadn’t met before.  She is just as lovely in real life!

Cybher C

Some excellent sessions in the afternoon, including Sian and Claire‘s really useful beginners’ basics session, and Jay‘s awesome inspiring talk about changing from Auto to Manual on your DSLR camera.  I don’t even own one (yet) but for me it was the best session of the day.  (I am now watching several cameras on Ebay!) I also loved Maggy‘s Google Plus session, so I’m going to have another try to get to grips with it.  Then a really useful session about how to make your blog pay (might have to think about doing this so I can afford to keep going to blogging conferences) and a closing session back in the ballroom.

Out for a quick meal with old and new friends, and then back to the cocktail party where we met even more lovely people, including some of the Collective Bias team.  I am feeling inspired and have lots of ideas for the blog.  It was a brilliant day and I just want to do it all over again!


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