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War Horse review

This post is written by Owl.

war horse

Recently Mummy and I went to see the play of War Horse in London. We took the train from where we live that terminated at London Victoria. Soon, after a tube train ride, we were walking to the theatre.  Once we had found it, as we had some time left, we went to an Italian restaurant for supper and I had a delicious pizza. Soon the show started and we watched the play. The story is about a boy called Albert and a horse called Joey who meet when Albert’s father brings Joey home from an auction. However, after Albert grew up with Joey, his father sells Joey to the army and Albert goes on a journey to find him. Some time ago Mummy read me the book by Michael Morpurgo (on which the play is based) and the play is the same as the book except for one thing: in the book the story is told from the viewpoint of Joey, and you can’t get that in a play. Overall, I think the play is really good, and I recommend that you watch it. Just make sure you’ve read the book first!