A mini round up

I’m blogging this week now because I won’t have time over the weekend, and I’ve already posted about Monday, so just three days to round up.

On Tuesday, I went to Toddler group with Tiddler, leaving Rabbit at home with Supergirl and the boys, as she wasn’t feeling well, again.  I met a lovely mum, new to the area, who is home educating and I enjoyed chatting with her, and some of the other mums.  We spent most of the rest of the day at home.  Among other things, Rabbit made a lovely sparkly door hanger, Tiddler tipped the glitter on the floor and Monkey and Rabbit made an ice cream van, more detailed than Monday’s one but I failed to get a photo.  At the end of the afternoon, Owl and Monkey had their swimming lessons.

On Wednesday, after several nights with Rabbit in our bed coughing all night, I took her to the doctor’s.  Although she was, of course, feeling better by the time we got there, my suspicions were confirmed and she was diagnosed with a chest infection.  At least we now have antibiotics, so I hope she will be better soon.  She has had enough of being ill, poor thing.   In the afternoon, Owl, Tiddler and I went for a walk in the woods with Home Education group.  We had a lot of fun, got very muddy and enjoyed the company of our friends.  The children had fun splashing in puddles, collected a few more (rather damp) leaves and looked at lots of interesting mushrooms.  In the evening, Monkey went to Beavers.

Today we had a day at home.  The big three wrote Autumn poems and did a bit more of their Prehistory project.  Rabbit did some knitting, Monkey did some Hama beads and I read Bible stories to both of them.  In the evening, Owl was invested at cubs.

Over the three days they have done Reading Eggs, Conquer Maths, Mathletics and Spellodrome, and music practice.  Tiddler did some colouring and the big three did quite a lot of Maths.  Owl finished the chapter on Time in his Galore Park book, Monkey worked on the three times table with Multilink cubes, and Rabbit did a page about circles in her Thomas shapes workbook, and continued writing numbers and drawing pictures to match.  Monkey and Rabbit also drew numbers using templates, and did some weighing with the balance scales.  They have also done some French (clothes, days of the week and food.)

I feel that this post needs something more, but it’s nearly 2am and I have to be up in three hours, so I just need to publish it now.  I have photos to add but don’t know when I’ll find time to do it.  So, for now, I’ll leave you with a joke made up by Monkey.

What do you call a pig in the bushes? A hedgehog.

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