A Christmas Journey

Our book at bedtime this evening was perfect after a very busy day.

a christmas journey

A Christmas Journey, by Brian Wildsmith, is a beautifully illustrated, simply written retelling of the Nativity story.  It opens with the Angel Gabriel’s visit to Mary, to tell her that she will give birth to a child who will be the Son of God.  When Mary and Joseph find, some time later, that they will have to travel to Bethlehem, Mary leaves her cat and dog with a neighbour who will look after them.  (“I don’t remember that bit in the Bible,” says Owl!)  The cat and the dog miss Mary so they run away to try and find her.  On the way, they meet other animals who join them on their journey.

This is a very appealing way to tell the Nativity story to young children, and we all enjoyed it.  The illustrations are stunning, and so full of interesting details that every time we read it I think we will find something new – and lots of inspiration for our own artwork too.

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