A walk to the river

We are in the Cotswolds again this week, and enjoying spending time outdoors in the sunshine, but I’m behind as usual so this post is about a walk we went on last week!  We set off through the village and past the church, stopping for a while to let the children play in the long grass in a field next to the church yard.


We then walked down towards the railway line…


…and stopped to watch some trains and have a snack.


We walked on through a field full of buttercups and down to the river.


The children played poohsticks and Rabbit found a four leaf clover.


We were going to go further, but it was so hot that our two bottles of water were obviously not going to be enough, so we turned back.


We stopped at the playground, where Owl read his book in the shade while the others played.

playground a



Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

10 thoughts on “A walk to the river

  1. Nichola Fabfortymum

    What a fabulous day out. My girls love walking through the fields, it’s just such simple fabulous fun, with so much to see, touch, hear and smell. Such lovely pictures, it all looks so peaceful.

  2. Anne

    What a lovely place, your photos are beautiful. How lucky to find a four leaf clover, has it brought any special luck to you yet?

  3. Coombemill

    Lovely pictures of the fun looking day. I love the ones down watching the train and the four leaf clover. Years since I have looked for one of those, I must get my kids looking for one. Summer is made for family days like this.

  4. Hannah Post author

    Thank you for all the comments. I was excited about the four-leaf clover – don’t know if it has brought any special luck though. Good weather, perhaps?!


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